Friday, December 6, 2013

My Sister Clara and Her Volleyball Playing Self

WAY.... back in August, is when this took place. I know... lots to catch up on. Maybe one of these days I will blog something in the month it actually happened in.
Stretch Goal.

Anyways.... way back in August, my dad came to visit for a week and my sister Stevi moved up to Seattle. My youngest sister Clara moved up to Portland just weeks before to start College at Multnomah College in Portland. All of this combined allowed for us all to attend one of Clara's college volleyball games!

And since I wrote a post about Stevi's graduation earlier this year... Here is my shout out to Clara.
Clara's team

Stevi and I

And more Clara
FAMILY!!!! Dad, Stevi, Clara, Me, and Thomas
Our friend Grace also joined us and thanks to her, we didn't have to ask a stranger to take a picture of Thomas with crazy eyes. Wow.

It was definitely different being in the stands instead of on a court (clearly basketball not volleyball.) I loved being there though. Love supporting my siblings when and where I can.

So proud of you Clara! Love you and your sports playing self! Even if it is only for a year. :)