Thursday, January 12, 2017

Adler's Second Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,
Oh buddy, if you knew how much you light up our lives! 2 months old and you had your first thanksgiving at home with the Kucera side and your Grandpa Ger.

You had your first day where you screamed because you were scared when you spit up a ton, it came through your nose and you couldn't breathe. It was so so sad for me because I couldn't get you to stop crying. Good things Dad came to the rescue. You love the sound of the shower and the fan and it was the only thing that got you to stop crying.

You turned the corner with crying in the car! I am so thankful too, because it was not fun when you just cried no matter what!

Your skin finally looks great. A combination of coconut oil, clarederm, and Young Living's baby soap has completely cleared up all baby acne, cradle cap, and dry skin.

You had your first snow! And your first smile. A real legit smile right at your dada. Heart melting.

You had your 3 week post op circumcision appointment and everything looks great! You weighed in at 10 lbs 15 oz. Which means it is well past the time for a diaper upgrade! So you moved from newborn diapers into size 1 for disposables and from your newborn cloth into your all in ones.

You are growing out of your 0-3 mon/3 month clothing and now are into 3-6 mon/6 month clothes as of the last day of your second month. The cloth diapers definitely help, but you are growing like a weed.

I adore it, when I am burping you and you lean your head and cheek into my lips for kisses. You do the same thing when I am holding you when you wake up from naps.

And you have started to follow my face with just your eyes and not your whole head. And you clasp your little hands in front of you now and you look like you are contemplating the worlds problems!

And hello drool factory. Thank you cute bibdanas!

You are an awesome sleeper at night sleeping from 7-7. Usually there is a 3 hour stretch followed by remaining 2 hour stretches. But every so often you give me a 5 hour stretch! I don't think you have ever had day/night confusion with your sleep.

Naps are different though. You are so incredibly auditory and you are a people person! You will stay awake the entire time we are around people if I let you! And you definitely get overstimulated because of it. But if I let you at home with no one here, you sleep quite well!

You are so strong still and are getting stronger. You don't love tummy time, but you sit up in our laps and when I stand you on your feet you are starting to actually stand there.

We no longer swaddle you and you are totally ok with it. I still mainly hold you while you are taking naps and I am soaking it in.

You are not really gassy any more. You take in air every once in a while, but over all your system has figured it out.

You are officially a baby and not a newborn in our eyes now sweet boy.

You are so much fun! We have adored learning all your new little tid bits. And we can't wait for all of our adventures together! We keep praying that you will continue to be a blessing to others like you are now. Your dada and I love you so very much.


~ Monthly Photos ~

You are so big!! We love you!