Thursday, October 17, 2013

Infertility – 2 Year's Later

Over the years I have heard the phrase, “Nothing can quite prepare you for marriage or parenting.” Although I have found that to be true in marriage and I definitely have no doubt that it will also be true in parenting, my favorite thing about those details of my life tend to be the years prior to those times. The simple anticipation. The planning. The lessons learned. The growing. And ultimately, how different it looks from how I originally thought.

Marriage to me was not so much about the reality of every day, as much as it was about having someone who truly believed in me and supported me through everything. That is what I was looking for. It took a few boyfriends and many years of being independent for the ultimate lesson about giving the desire to be married to God. Now I truly believe that God creates each of us with desires in life. And being married was a very large desire of mine. So I vividly remember the time where I was able to say, ok God. I can do this life with You and You alone if that is where you want me. Clearly not.

Well, that is where I am at again with parenting. We are still just a family of two, but the past 2 years since October 2011, have been an incredible journey. As I look back, I see how much I have changed. When we first started, I had our lives planned out to the T. I had a few different variations of the plan, but nothing that said 2 years from now and we still wouldn’t be pregnant, but I would be at complete peace with it. Oh sweet peace.

The first year was simple anticipation and disappointment. And this last year has been getting to the bottom of why our bodies were not doing what seemed so natural for so many others. We finally figured out what was going on, and that we couldn’t have kids naturally without a surgery. So we had that surgery, but something about the whole experience changed. There was no pressure. And then, my heart changed. 

I still desire with everything in me to have a family larger than 2. And just like in marriage I believe that God put this on my heart clearly. Neither, Thomas or I feel as though adoption is where God has us at the moment. So in all of this, even with the hope that our bodies are now able to do this whole getting pregnant thing naturally, I have complete peace. I know it will happen in God’s perfect timing. Even if that happens a year from now. I do go through moments where I ask, “When God?” But 99% of the time, I love this life Thomas and I have been given. And I love what God has been teaching me. More on that later. Not to say I don’t completely anticipate a growing family, it is just with a peace and a knowledge that we can do this whenever He has it in His perfect plan. And honestly? I am excited to see what else He has for us before we get prego, because the last 2 months have been so sweet with learning a little bit more about the how to be like my sweet Jesus.

My previous post on our timeline of trying to get prego is HERE.

Jul 2013 – Surgery went well. Everything should be normal now. Hormone levels tested – everything looks good.
Aug 2013 – Final Hormone levels tested and progesterone levels are low. That story HERE
Sep 2013 – Chemical Pregnancy #3. HOPE! The surgery seems to have been successful. Yay! Just waiting a few more months for complete healing.
Next up - Whatever God has, when ever that may be. (Hold me to that for the moments I forget!)

Meanwhile, I absolutely love holding, talking about, and finding out about my friends pregnancies and kiddos. Please don’t ever hold back anything for me. Your kids and pregnancies are a balm for my empty arms! I get to love them more because of where I am at! And please ask me more about our story if you have been hesitant. It does not bother me to talk about it. If you don’t know… I like to talk.

And here is a little something to make you smile.

Thanks for tagging along in this crazy adventure Thomas and I call life. You are all precious to us. You and your encouragement make life that much better.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Half Yearly Booksale Tradition

One of the traditions Thomas and I have is to drive down to the Lakewood Library in March and October for their twice yearly Library Book Sale. 

Our tradition starts with a stop at this little donut shop for the best donuts around.
They are the ONLY donuts that do not give me a headache after consuming one.
So we stock up for a few days naturally. I always get a cruller, a sprinkle, and then a pop over where as Thomas always gets some thing different.
We head a few blocks over to fight all the fanny packs and old people for the front of the line. 
Now there is strategy in this. Being that we have to be first in line, we wait for a little while outside.
You have to brave the cold and bring warm clothes, but you must layer because it is hot down in the basement where all the beloved books are.
I stock up on all my christian fiction for 50 cents a piece.
And Thomas stocks up on his magazines for 10 cents a piece.
Even when Thomas was deployed, I would still go. This year we will be out of town that weekend unfortunately, but if you are in Tacoma you should go! Grab a donut and head on over for some extremely inexpensive books!
It's in 2 weeks on October 18th and 19th from 10 am to 4:30 pm.