Monday, October 20, 2014

IVF Round 1 and Now Round 2

I have been a little quiet over here lately, because I have been posting over at my IVF blog The Invention of Tiny Toes, so I do not overwhelm those of you who don't want all the gory details of our IVF journey.

But here is a little catch up for you all. 

Back in the end of July/all of August we did our first round of IVF. Or InVitro Fertilization.
Essentially they give me a bunch of shots, draw a tons of blood, do a bunch of ultrasounds, take out my eggs, take out Thomas' sperm and in a petri dish they insert a single perfectly formed sperm into each of my mature eggs. They let them grow for a few days and then implant a number of those embryos back into me. 2 weeks later I get some blood drawn and voila.... found out that the pregnancy test was negative and it did not work.


Here are some pictures of our embryos.
Extraction Day where they are implanting the sperm into one of the eggs.
Day 1 - You can see the nucleus which means we have a live one!
Day 2 - you can see 2 of these have split into beautiful little embryos.
Day3 - So many beautiful little embryos!
Day 3 - This is one of the ones they implanted. They have to break into the hard outer shell so that the little embryo has an easier chance at attaching to the uterine wall.
So here we are for round 2.
We start this week with the whole process.
Here is our tentative schedule.

There is nothing predictable about this whole things, so this could be off by a day or 2 at any point in time. 

But this time around I am posting real time posts, so join me over at The Invention of Tiny Toes to get the updates day to day.

And I will be back here full time once I actually get pregnant. :) 
Soon people! Soon!