Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Adventures

So much has happened in the last month and a half since I last wrote about Calia’s Cottage.

1.     Thomas had a birthday and turned 31.
2.     Went to an outdoor theatre with our friend Monica to watch Fiddler on the Roof.
3.     Lots of people graduated (Candice, Allison, Kali, Courtney, and Rebecca) and we went to many grad parties!
4.     My Dad came to visit for a long weekend.
5.     My sister Alyssa and Nate along with our little nephew Malachi have come to stay with us.
6.     We went camping at Salmon la Sac with our friends Sarah and Craig.
7.     We went to work for a few days and went back at it camping again with our community group the next weekend to Penrose Point State Park.
8.     Mean while in the middle of everything I crammed in my final crafts and on Sunday Jul 15th I had my first craft fair adventure at Art on the Ave.

That was an awesome time of sharing a booth with Amy and marking off a bucket list item! Considering Amy just brought her son home from the hospital not even 48 hours before, I was truly amazed that she stuck around the entire day. But we did it! And now it is time to craft a little bit more because in 2 weeks we have our second and final fair for the summer. Proctor Art Fest is guaranteed to be very artsy fartsy!

All in all it has been a beautiful busy summer.

Sometimes so busy I think about writing and can’t because something else has to be done.
And then I want to add pictures and don’t have the time, so the blog gets pushed back again.
And again… But here it is! Sans pictures.