Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Thankful's 2

Thomas and I had a wonderful thanksgiving together just the two of us. It was incredibly relaxing with only enough leftovers for about 4 days! Minus the turkey… we will be having that for weeks! It was a very nice 4 day weekend though.

Here is the second half of our November Thankful’s
16. T – good food; M – our families
17. T – time spend with Mica; M – creativity
18. T – for Fridays; M – positive people
19. T – Thanksgiving; M – Beautiful WA
20. T – friends; M – an awesome church
21. T – short work weeks; M – athleticism
22. T – that Mica loves him when he is sick; M – education and learning
23. T – 3 ply toilet paper; M – for God always providing what you need even before you know you need it
24. T – open face turkey sandwiches; M – photo memories
25. T – sunshine; M – electronics
26. T – Christmas trees; M – quality time
27. T – healthy bodies enough to stretch every day; M – warm clothes
28. T – our church; M – prayer
29. T – a good night’s sleep; M – opportunities
30. T – our fun family; M – our blessed, blessed life

I love how much we have to be thankful for and this was only for a month! Our lives are so richly blessed.

Now we are on to the Christmas season. Our tree is up, the house is decorated, and all we have to do is the outside lights! There are so many Christmas activities we are looking forward to including a tree lighting tonight, the Victorian Country Christmas Friday, as well as making Christmas goodies and looking at lights up at Warm Beach!

We have multiple advent calendars to count down including a magnetic nativity and chocolates, but my favorite is our activity advent. It is a combination of Christmas type activities and giving to others activities. Like thanksgiving I will give you a mid December and a post Christmas list!
Here is to 25 days until Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving time

Happy November!!!
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a mere 2 ½ weeks away? So far Thomas and I don’t have any major plans other then cooking up a feast for just the two of us and any other stranglers who want a place to eat. Any takers? No seriously, we would love the company.

Over the past few weeks we have had quite a few dinners with friends. We are so grateful for all the great friends God has placed up here in WA for us.

This year was also decided to do a daily thankful and here is what we have so far…
1. T – a job; M – our home
2. T – for Mica; M –God and Thomas’ grace
3. T – for his health; M – a strong marriage
4. T – our home; M – our bible study
5. T – our small group; M – great in-laws
6. T – comfy beds; M – our health
7. T – someone to take care of him; M – a great job
8. T – car pool lane; M – Joy in Jesus
9. T – yummy food; M – good food
10. T – tea that is warm and yummy; M – good dental insurance
11. T – comfy blankets; M – freedom
12. T - soap; M – great friends
13. T - scarfs; M – good sleep
14. T - wool; M – the internet (how it makes my life easier and more creative)
15. T – soft toilet paper; M – clear skies

We will keep you posted at the end of the month with what we come up with for the last 15 thankful items.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!