Friday, September 20, 2013


Back in January we had a little adventure and what has stuck this entire time is....

Our friends little nephew and nieces yelled about their smoovies the entire time we were re packing for their trip. 

So as this summer was incredibly hot, we had smoovies often. Mainly I just love this picture and the colors and wanted to share. Cause it is fun.

The green was purely spinach packed to the top of the blender, blended down with about a cup of almond milk. From there I added lots of different fruit every time until I got the flavor and consistency that I wanted.

And every once in a while, I got a stunning color combination.
Reminds me of my Grandma Barbara who was an artist. She would have LOVED this. So vibrant.
Makes my heart happy.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smith Tower in Seattle

One of the major things people do when they come to Seattle is go to the Space Needle. But, with a ticket price of $19 per person that can get spendy. Not to mention, Thomas and I have been up there a few times already. A friend suggested that we try the Smith Tower some time. Tickets are normally only $7.50 a person and we were able to get a buy-one-get-one free groupon. Score! Hugely different from the Space Needle. The views are different though. You still see Seattle from above, but you really do see different parts.
This is the Smith Tower from the ground.

You ride a fun elevator that you can see through to all the floors, all the way up!
And with a personal attendant as well.

There are office's on all the floors going up, but the observation deck was stunning.
You can see the shadow of the Smith Tower to the left. I just love little nooks of cities.
You are completely enclosed the entire way around the building which is helpful for those who are afraid of heights.
Like this guy. Thomas HATES heights, and yet he continues to go with me. That is love.
A birds eye view of the stadiums.
When you look toward the water you see the Ferris wheel, but upon closer inspection through the bars at the end of the walkway, you can see the Space Needle!
Love this city.
The large group of trees on the bottom left is Pioneer Square. During the summer they have concerts down there.

This is the top of the Smith Tower, looking up.

And compared to all the other HUGE buildings in the world.
Overall, definitely satisfied. I would not replace the Space Needle with this, because that is an experience all in itself, but I definitely thing that it is some place to visit and see a different view of the city for a great price! And really, any excuse to go on a date, right?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

30 Days of Real

I heard about this challenge about a month ago and I loved the idea of it immediately. I know of people that are blogging their “real’s” every day and others who are posting their “real’s” on facebook. I think it is an incredible idea to dig down deep every once in a while and really examine the REAL you.

Although I am willing to blog about many things, even many personal things about where I am at in life, I am not really ready for the whole world to know my deepest darkest struggles. For me, I think that there is a time and a place to share those things. Maybe it’s pride or the need to protect myself from unsafe people. Regardless, I am just not there yet.

So I have been doing my 30 Days of Real or 30dor to shorten it, with a sweet friend. For me, it is a perfectly safe place where I get to deepen a friendship, create an accountability partner, and dig in deep to acknowledge the truth of who I am deep down.

Do you want to know what I am learning?
First off, it is harder for me to hear my friend’s struggles then share my own. They are deep down struggles that make me want to laugh or cry, and hug her every time. I forget that the people that I live life with every day are struggling with the deep down hard parts just like I do. Whether they think about those things every day, or just every once in a while when they are challenged like me, they still struggle. With their cheerful smiles and their “live life” attitudes on the outside, it is hard to remember that.

Second, I am broken. Although 90% of the time I am incredibly cheerful and I love life, I still have the very core of my nature that is broken. And I need Jesus. No two ways about it. I cannot do this world without Him. Even with Him cheering me on, giving me support, and being my everything, it is still to hard to do without Him.

Third, some struggles stay the same and some change. It will be interesting to see if I make this an annual thing, or just a onetime thing. But I cannot wait to look back in 5 years and see what God has changed in me. His plans for me are ALWAYS better then my own. And more adventuresome too ironically!

I know I am only on day 11. And I was writing down things here and there for days that I got stuck, but I erased that list and am just winging it. Here is to 19 more days of real raw truth.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Gorgeous Day Down by the Docks

Two things I love in life include photographing beautiful scenery and experiencing new food people say is delicious. So as a belated birthday dinner, Thomas and I went to Boathouse 19. He then walked along the dock with me as I took a few (billion) pictures.

Thomas matches the beautiful blues there were that day.
I love the filter I have on my camera! Not to mention the awesome lens I got for my birthday.
Sweet little houses!
Hello there, Mister.
Always beautiful Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Do you see the reflection of the sun and the clouds?
Also a celebration of our fun little car.
I just couldn't help sharing the absolutely gorgeous day. Love WA in the summers.