Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smith Tower in Seattle

One of the major things people do when they come to Seattle is go to the Space Needle. But, with a ticket price of $19 per person that can get spendy. Not to mention, Thomas and I have been up there a few times already. A friend suggested that we try the Smith Tower some time. Tickets are normally only $7.50 a person and we were able to get a buy-one-get-one free groupon. Score! Hugely different from the Space Needle. The views are different though. You still see Seattle from above, but you really do see different parts.
This is the Smith Tower from the ground.

You ride a fun elevator that you can see through to all the floors, all the way up!
And with a personal attendant as well.

There are office's on all the floors going up, but the observation deck was stunning.
You can see the shadow of the Smith Tower to the left. I just love little nooks of cities.
You are completely enclosed the entire way around the building which is helpful for those who are afraid of heights.
Like this guy. Thomas HATES heights, and yet he continues to go with me. That is love.
A birds eye view of the stadiums.
When you look toward the water you see the Ferris wheel, but upon closer inspection through the bars at the end of the walkway, you can see the Space Needle!
Love this city.
The large group of trees on the bottom left is Pioneer Square. During the summer they have concerts down there.

This is the top of the Smith Tower, looking up.

And compared to all the other HUGE buildings in the world.
Overall, definitely satisfied. I would not replace the Space Needle with this, because that is an experience all in itself, but I definitely thing that it is some place to visit and see a different view of the city for a great price! And really, any excuse to go on a date, right?