Friday, May 19, 2017

Adler's Sixth Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,

You got your first cold from our travel to Germany. We all survived and it wasn't that hard thanks to all the essential oils we used. You were still so happy during it all!

I had forgotten that babies lay on their backs and play with their toes, but you just started doing that. You also developed a little shiver at times that is so cute. You also hold everything in my hand when I am holding you. Even flowers that I have picked. You really are content just to be in my arms and watch EVERYTHING that your dada and I do. Although, by the end of the month, you have been pretty instantly reaching for everything near us. You just want to touch it all.

You are still only nursing, but sometimes after you nurse, you turn your head to the side and lick my arm. So weird kid. So weird. You do also like to eat my face which is kinda teething like for you.

Baca, baca, baca is your newest sound. And you developed a shriek in sickness that is ear piercing!  And your dad has taught you how to make noise with your lips when he moves his finger up and down. Now when he puts his finger there, you start and stop making noise. It makes him so happy. And you are saying the d sound now too!

You are officially sitting by yourself now! Every once in a while you still fall over, but you have a controlled fall so you never hurt yourself. Speaking of sitting, we sat in the grass in the sun for the first time! And standing, you will hold on to something for a while if we stand you up there. But you don't quite pull yourself up by yourself yet. You are also up on all fours every time we put you on your stomach, and you even tripod when you try and crawl. You are really good at moving backward and you find every leg in the room to reverse right into.

You no longer just lay calm on my chest to sleep at night. And you were still waking up every 2 hours after Germany, but you finally went back to sleeping normally by the end of the month. You still take 2-3 naps during the day and usually they are only 1 hour long naps. But you are still sleeping about 12 hours at night. 6:15 pm to about 6 am. The difference of starting your night time routine 30 minutes earlier made a HUGE difference! You still grab your ear when you are tired, but you also rub your eyes now too. And you figured out how to get out of your doc-a-tot when you wake up after nap time. So it is a guess of what position you will be in after nap time.

You are in 12 month jammies and 9 month clothing. Still second button on the cloth diapers and size 3 disposable diapers.

Books that rhyme are still the best, although you let your dada read more books to you then you let me read. And you play so well by yourself. THE VACUUM! Your all time favorite. It just captures your attention every single time.

You had your first kitchen sink bath! You love splashing in the water. You also had your first 2 major bonks. You feel over backward when standing, you fell off the bed, and you got bonked in the head on the doorway as well. We promise we aren't trying to kill you! And you really are a trooper and just cry for a second. Still hurts the mama and dada hearts though.

You also had your first ride in the carrier on my back. We often do the carrier as much as the stroller now. You and I just walk all over Tacoma together with you on my back.

It was your first Easter which was pretty fun. And your 8th frozen birthday! We love the uniqueness that is your story.

The best part of your 6th month? What a complete joy you are. Everyone is always amazed at how content you are and how observant you are. You just watch and love on people. We are so so thankful that you are such a huge part of our lives. You bring us complete joy in the little things like the huge smile you give us when you see us after your naps, to the huge smile you give your dada when he comes home from work. I continue to see how much your calm joyful spirit blesses people and pray that Jesus shines through you in that always.


~ Monthly Photos ~