Monday, April 16, 2012

Just a wee bit o' Ireland

Thomas and I flew to Ireland for a little vaca and to hang out with one of my college roomies Katie.
After a very long travel day and with a police escort (they kindly took us to her house when we were lost) we made it to Katie's house in Coleraine.
After church on Sunday, our first tourist visit was to the Giant's Causeway. This was an amazing place where there are hexagonal basalt columns. Crazy amazing.
Thomas has the traditional Ulster Fry.
We visited the Mussenden Temple, which is a library right on the water. Thomas and I decided we will have a library on the water someday.
 It might look a little something like the above.
 Thomas decided to stay in the car while Katie and I explored the Carrick a rede rope bridge, which I did not think was all that bad.
 Every where we turned there were sheep. All spray painted so the shepard's could tell them apart.
 College friends.
 Coastal town homes.
 The Dublin Castle
 A Irish phone booth in Gaelic.
 Our absolute favorite city, Kilkenny.
 More in our favorite city.
 The Kells Priory just moments from Kilkenny. Probably the most beautiful place in my opinion. Could have been the sunshine though.
 A wee bit of hilly countryside.
 Our experience in Cork.
 Naturally we had to visit the Blarney Castle/Stone. We had to climb to the top, which Thomas quickly headed for the exit as you can see in the below picture. Not so much with the heights.