Friday, November 4, 2016

Adler's Little Room

It is finally finished! You know, a week and a half after he was born.... 2 weeks late. So basically his room was finished.... right on time. 

The first 4 pictures are from right to left, what you see on each wall starting with what you see when you walk in the door. 
My Aunt Sandy/Uncle Cliff bought the amazing growth chart for him, Thomas built the play gym and the house for his bed, and Adler's Aunt Lisa made the awesome hot air balloons for my shower!
I do love the curtains that I was able to whip together. And the deer head? That was an awesome find! I had it on my registry and when I went to buy it with a gift from my dad, it was half off!
The bunting banner was basically where all the colors were based off of. That along with my vision for the "You Are Our Greatest Adventure" sign. I found the wood in our basement from before our time here and have envisioned that piece from the get go. Love how it turned out.
Eventually I want to take the door off the closet. Once he actually becomes mobil, this will turn into a real Montessori bedroom, but for now it is organized perfectly for us. This dresser was one that my dad built for me when I was a kid. Love that we can still use it!
I love this little corner. Burp cloths, blankets, books, and toys. We already have ideas of what to replace the rocker glider with on his first birthday! Another project for Thomas and I to do together. 
I love this little area. Fostering independence from an early age. 
I need to make the Montessori art for his play gym. Just haven't done it yet.
And this diaper station above our changing mat is perfect for us! Although I really do need to change out the random stock baby in the picture frame. I plan on putting a picture of the 3 little embryos that we transferred all at once that gave us him.  Erin made the awesome "Adventure Awaits" sign, My Aunt Renie made the Adler blocks, Julie gave me the frame, and Lisa made the pinwheels. 
Inside his closet will be a place for a few more toys, but also a place where he will eventually have his own place to pick out his clothes where he can reach them. 
So many clothes from so many of you!! Thank you all again for all the love this little boy has been showered with!
This is honestly my favorite part. This right here is what started the whole vision of his room. Because truly, Adler is our greatest adventure in life.
I know it took forever, but there you go! His room, finally all put together!