Thursday, March 9, 2017

Adler's Fourth Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,

We have been having fun all over the house throughout our days. We play under the play gym in your room with the mirror, in the breakfast nook with the wind chime and cowbell, in the living room on your belly for tummy time, but also on your belly over my leg which you love. We have had to get creative with dada going back to work.

We do try and only get out once a day so you can get really good naps most of the time. This month you did fall sleep in the car a few times and I was able to transition you from the car seat into my arms where you stayed asleep and into bed where you stayed asleep! Hopefully this sticks!!!

Your eyes are definitely blue and getting lighter! Your hair still has dark ends, but the roots are showing up as blond now. And every once in a while we see a reddish hue.

And.... you have changed your naps. In the mornings you stay up between 1.5-2 hours just like in between all your other naps. You are still taking between 3 and 4 naps a day ranging from 45 min to 3 hours. You took a nap in your own room for the first time and did just fine.We moved upstairs onto our king bed at night this month. More room in our bed for us all! You still sleep 4 hours the first stretch then about every 2 after that you want to nurse. Thankfully you want to get 12 hours a night still.

We weighed you at a friends house at the beginning of the month and with clothes and a diaper you were 15.6 lbs!

You discovered your feet because we actually took your socks off for a while and sat you up so you could look down at them. And when you lay on your back, you hit your arms to your sides. You are figuring out those fast twitch muscles.

You talk up a storm when you are hungry! I totally understand. I get hangry too. And you have been putting your lips together and talking through them and it is adorable!

I gave my 2 weeks and officially quite my job at Boeing to be a full time mama to you. It was the best decision I have every made. Minus marrying your dada and having you. Not one moment of regret since sweet boy. I love hanging out with you.

You grabbed a toy with both hands at the same time for the first time this month! And you had your first bath and loved splashing around. Your favorite books are the Row Row Row Your Boat Nursery Rhyme book, The Little Blue Truck, and Colors.

When you are fussy, I say "What?!" or blow raspberries in the air at you and it stops you fussing and you grin at me. You also noticed that when you make noise and I bounce you, that it sounds different.

You are mostly in 6-9 month clothes, but definitely growing out of the 6 month ones and in 9-12 month jammies. You are on the second snap up in your cloth diapers. You had your first blow out! Had to happen at some point. You still go #2 usually just in the morning, but every once in a while in the afternoon too. You typically go while you are nursing and I can definitely tell because you concentrate and push really hard.

You now start singing to me in the rocker in the living room, because that is where we sit and sing. It is the best! Anywhere you are, you start singing when you want me to sing to you. It is so cute. It sounds like you are talking, but your dada and I can hear the difference when you are singing. I usually sing "I love you, a bushel and a peck." But then we started listening to JJ Heller and you love her too!

You are now facing out in the carrier and loving seeing the world go by! Unless I want you to fall asleep, then you still face me.

We went up to Bellingham and you did great in the car unless you were hungry. But then I don't blame you. Our favorite part of you in the car is the look on your face when you stare out at everything that passes by.

You are grabbing everything and putting it in your mouth. You are so strong at tummy time and just hang out there and scoot around to the right also if you aren't tired. YOU ROLLED! It took about a week until you showed your dada, but you don't even make a peep when you do it. He was so excited. It really was cute. You have done it 4 times now for being 4 months.

You also turn a complete 180 degrees during tummy time now. You are on the move!

We had our 4 month appointment and you weigh 16 lbs 9 oz. You were 25.25 inches long. And your head is 39.37 cm. So everything is growing! And you are definitely filling out and very solid sweet boy.

So basically the gist of this month is.... You loved to chat up a storm all the time. You are rolling and on the move. And you are so dearly loved! We love every second with you! Keep up the growing, only not quite so fast. ;)


~ Monthly Photos ~

Kid, you truly are a delight!