Monday, October 10, 2016

The Beloved Finished Basement

Welp, here we are. Our year long project only took us a year and 9 months with a few other projects, rounds of IVF and FET's in the middle of it all. Not bad for home projects. But it is finally complete and now we get to move stuff in and we have extra guest rooms, a library, more storage, a play room, and a library/TV room! Basically it is all in one.

This is what we started with.

We then moved everything from the north end of the basement, to the south end of the basement.

First off, insulation be gone!

Next up... Painting a waterproof coating on the walls.

We then added a layer of plastic just in case our basement that has never leaked, decided that it wanted to start leaking now.

We also had an incredibly slanted floor. So DJ came over to help play with self leveling cement.

Next up, the first of many different loads of wood that we moved down into the basement.

Time to start framing this place!

Cutting and measuring. We quickly found where we thrived.

The above pictures were a day I left Thomas, Mike, and DJ to themselves. Good thing I came home in the middle of my morning out! And although the wood isn't exactly the straightest, Thomas always says the wall itself is straight and that is all that matters! Boys. :)

Framing complete! Next up, insulation. We got the thickest waterproof insulation. The Home Depot dude told me I could survive in the ocean with this. I decided not to remind him about the shark factor, but whatever. At least our basement won't be getting wet any time soon.

After we insulated all the walls, we decided that because it was going to be a playroom, we would use plywood as a base instead of sheet rock.

 Build in the area that we will be storing our blue bins full of stuff in.

This guy. Love him.
Tom the Tool Man Kucera.

Ceiling insulation time.

And time for 2/3rds of the ceiling!

Framed out the air ducting next.

So many different tools were acquired on this little adventure of ours.

And then there was the special blade we got to clean up the incoming air from the ducting.

And then completing the rest of the ceiling.

Next up: Time for the door.

And the walls surrounding the door to officially make it its own room!

And we built book shelves! 

Next up, bead board on the walls and all of the beams in the middle of the room boxed in!

Flooring! This includes, plastic, another layer of warmth, and then our cork flooring. Seriously, it makes a world of difference in the warmth of the room!
Bookshelves and blue bin shelves are done. Crown moulding and baseboards, check. Ceiling paper is in and painting is done. And Thomas connected all the outlets and lights to work!

And that my friends... is our finished basement. Now we always have an extra place for you to stay with us! Just in time for Adler to arrive.