Friday, October 7, 2016

Thomas' Garage - Start to Finish

As we were simultaneously finishing our basement and working on the deck, we also decided it was smart to have a garage built. But we were actually smart because we had someone else build it! Me barely know what we can and cannot handle. 

Project #2 is complete!

Here is our shed and back pad that we had the last 8 years we lived here. Thomas sold the shed on craigslist and the guy came and hauled it away!

And now time for the fence to come down!

Concrete Time! The pad had to be ripped up.

Garage floor area framed out.

Concrete pouring time. On a day it rained of course.

The concrete frame was taken off and lumber was delivered.

And the building begins! We have walls!

And now some siding and a door!

Different views.

And then the trusses.

And a roof!

The guts.

And it is painted with gutters!

Completely finished!
It is the same color as our house and trim. Don't look too closely at our house though because this just shows us how badly we really need to paint our house now. Dang.
And we just need to finish our little fence to close off our back yard again. With all our other millions of projects. :)

Happy garaging Thomas!