Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our Summer Deck Project

So we decided in a week to tear up our deck and re-do it with Trex because there were holes in it and that would be dangerous for Adler. Not to mention all the company over the last 2 years that may or may not of almost fallen through. Clearly a great idea when we were in the middle of our basement finishing project. Although it took us about 3 weeks to tear it up and finish the actual deck, it took a while longer for the railing to be ordered and then installed.

Thomas is a beast and did about 90% of it with some help from myself and our friend Mike. My jobs included moving the lumber and then removing the nails. And eventually to hold the Trex in place as he screwed it in.

But now it is complete! Yay for major project #1 being complete before Adler!!!

Here is our photo journey.

We ended up with a new deck, beautiful railing and a new 2 tiered garden bed! Yay!
Nothing better then projects being checked off slowly but surely.

Next up... the garage. And no we didn't build the garage. Between the basement and this deck, we were smart and hired someone else to do it.