Friday, April 14, 2017

Adler's Fifth Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,

I think you are still learning things daily! We just love watching you take the world in.

You started chewing on your lower lip. And then making this weird gum grinding, complaining, moaning noise. And then 4 days later you popped out a tooth. Oh.... :) That's why. A tooth! At 4 months! Come on kid. Slow your grow.

First night away from dada. We went to Portland to visit Aunt Clara and you actually slept most of the time. It was because of that first tooth.

You got a yeast diaper rash, so we went to disposables while I stripped all your cloth diapers at once. It hasn't come back! You are in size 3 disposables and still on the second snap in your cloth diapers. You are wearing mostly 9 month clothing. The 6 month is all getting too small. And some 12 month sleepers. So you have grown from last month, but not as rapidly as all the months before. Which means I am also getting bored of your clothes. Oh mom life.

You now roll over almost daily. You reach for everything in front of me now on the table. You started saying the B sound. You are so curious! And then you started getting up on all 4's. And You really love to reach for faces now too.

We left you for the first time! Aunt Stevi and Uncle Clay came down and watched you as a birthday treat for me. A whole hour! I hurried home and you were asleep in Aunt Stevi's arms. Just content.

We had our first bump this month too. You were sitting then just fell over. Clearly not fully sitting yet.

You are still eating like a champ. You still want to nurse a few times during the night and are about every 3-4 hours during the day. Usually you just eat before naps and are content, but sometimes you want an extra feeding during the day. I have no idea what you are doing for sleep because this month was so messed up with Germany. Although before we left, you were waking up in the middle of the night for a few days. I wasn't having that.

You love to take every toy we hand to you and immediately bring it to your face in both hands to look at. You especially love putting the burp cloths over your face and breathe in like you can't breathe. We still play all over the house through out the day. And we try and get out once a day even if it is just a walk up to the store once dada gets home.

And you are scooting all over the bed! I have to start putting you in the doc-a-tot at night when I am not with you so you don't scoot off the bed until I can make a soft landing.

You had your first flight and it was international! We went to Germany to visit your dada's family. Great uncle Herbert, second cousin Miriam, Great Aunt Marlene, second cousin David, and your Uhr (great) Oma! They all seriously adored you. Your Uhr Oma kept asking about you. Although she did think you were your dada when he was little. You were a rock start traveler. And the jet lag didn't affect you while we were there, but it was a bit brutal coming back. Took you about a week to get back to normal. Your second tooth came through while we were in Germany though.

You love to grab the front of your shirt and the car seat buckle right now. You also grab your toes and your thigh when I change you. Really any lower extremity. :) But you no longer hit your stomach unless you are really really tired.

When we stand you up, you hold on to our finger and we really don't have to hold you up. You are just doing it! You have also started a half roll thing where you just half turn over and look around.

And you had your first stroller ride that you enjoyed (not counting the one when you were less then a month old that you hated) and your first time in a shopping cart!

We just adore you. You make so many people smile. We are so thankful for your chill spirit. You literally just hang out with us. If there are other people you are content just watching them especially kids. And you are relaxed in your routine. Thank you for being just a sweet content little boy. We love being your mama and dada. We still knock each other over to get to pick you up first after naps. You are seriously so sweet after naps. You just look up at us and grin. We love you!


~ Monthly Photos ~