Friday, August 30, 2013

Infertility - Just a Little Longer

As I walked home from the Dr’s office and reviewed everything that was said about the In Vitro process, my stomach hurt. Up until that time, everything the nurses told me was good. Your hormones levels are good, you have lots of follicles (early stage eggs), the follicles are progressing well, you ovulated! Yay! All affirmations that things were going well.

And then during this last appointment, I heard:
You have too many follicles.
Your progesterone levels were low.
It was very matter of fact to me, not really meaning anything.
And then he started to explain. During the In Vitro Process, there are shots.
Ok… I can do that.
And we have to be careful with the excess number of follicles.
Ok… lets be careful. Not a big deal.
And then you and Thomas won’t be able to be together because you will both be having a different procedure done at the same time, miles apart.
Well that’s lame. But ok. We can do that.
And then once the procedure is done, you will have to take progesterone for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Ok… I can take a pill for 12 weeks.
No, they will either be injections or suppositories.
Wait. What?

Really? 12 weeks? Is there no other way?
Maybe we should adopt. And not embryo adopt like we had planned through this whole process, because I would still have to go through all this In Vitro process if we did that.
But adopt a living child. One that doesn’t include 12 weeks of injections or suppositories.
But no, that is not where we feel God is calling us at this moment.

So we go forward. We wait another 2 months for healing and we pray. We pray that God works a miracle and our bodies work how they are created to work. And that my progesterone levels heal themselves and increase to normal standards so I don't miscarry. For the 3rd time.
Because we believe in a God of miracles.