Thursday, August 22, 2013

Point Loma Graduates

My sister is coming! MY SISTER IS COMING!!!
I am just a little bit thrilled about the fact that my sister Stevi is coming to live in WA. In fact, she is leaving CA to drive up here and arrive TODAY! 
I know Thomas and I were moved up here because of the military, but we absolutely love it up here. But the small factor of missing out on the lives of family makes it little bit bittersweet.
A wee bit of my family before the ceremony.
So in honor of her move, you get to see pictures from her graduation, which happened 7 years after Thomas and I graduated from this same exact place. 
Point Loma Nazarene University is an awesome school.
Helicopters fly around during the ceremony so you can't hear of course.
We had the privilege of seeing Daniel Cooper graduate. He is the younger brother of my best friend Becca who I graduated both high school and college with. So fun.
And Ste-vee, or so they pronounced her name. Everyone who knew her cracked up when they said her name so funny.
7 years later! All married and stuff after we graduated together. Wow.
Here we were when we graduated with our friend Grace, just in case you were wondering.
Such a beautiful view.
So many people!
Thomas and Ste-vee!!!
My 3 younger sisters. Clara, Stevi, and Lindy

Lindy, Clara, Me, and my Mom.
My Dad, my brother David, and Stevi.
And the whole fam who was at the graduation, minus Thomas who was off finding old friends.
3 Point Loma graduates.
This is Tim. He is incredibly special because he married us 6 years ago!
This is the gym where I spent many hours. Not to mention where Thomas and I first met.
After the graduation, Thomas and I followed Stevi around and took pictures of her with millions of her friends.
And then of course we took pictures around campus. This is where Thomas used to sit on cafe lane throwing ice at people.
And this is where I saw Thomas for the first time 2 years before I met him. He would always stand on this ledge before chapel. Little did I know I was going to marry that man.
Stevi, the college graduate, with the sign from the school where she worked.
David, Mica, Clara, and Lindy's feet. Family.
Love, love, love my family. So excited to have Stevi close! 

And next up, Clara moved to Portland, a mere 2.5 hours south. And she has her first college volleyball game up in Bellingham friday night! So with Stevi moving up here and my dad in town for a week long visit, we are going to go! Yay! 2 sisters close!