Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Ways to Simplify Life

We are still simplifying...
And as a result, we had a HUGE 4 family garage sale not one, but two weekends in a row. And then all the items we didn't sell, were then given to yet another friend who was and still is trying to earn money for their adoption. 
So as a result we have continued on with a few things we started. I was originally inspired by an article I read in a magazine last year. A few months later I was reading a different magazine and low and behold there was an article about the same lady! So I finally looked her up and I love what she is trying to do. Zero Waste Home. She is fascinating.
We have most of our stuff in jars now which means to cut down on waste, we buy a lot from the bulk food bins at our local Winco.

I know I mentioned my reusable baggies before when I talked about organizing and simplifying our lives. Thomas and I have also been using the reusable baggies that I sell for over a year. I love how much waste we save just by simply being intentional with this.
The next thing we switched was the use of paper towels. I know people have different thoughts about what they use paper towels for, but I found that I didn't use them as much because I did not want to spend as much money on them. Once we switched to paperLESS towels as my friend called them, I used them tons more!
Finally we switched to paperLESS napkins as well. The best part about both the paperLESS towels and napkins, is that all of the cloth was given to me by my grandma! So it is a wee bit sentimental when we use it as well.
The final thing I need to make for our switch to reusable is tissues. I have not yet figured out what fabric to make reusable tissues out of. Anyone have any suggestions? With all of these paper products switching to reusable products, we will not be getting ride of toilet paper. Not going to happen.

Finally we have been successful in getting rid of our kitchen trash! There are about 2 things a week we have to walk outside to the trash, but everything else we have been able to compost, recycle, or wash! Although I am not sure how this is helping us, considering we still have to pay for our trashcan. At least it makes us feel better?
Here is an adorable matching taggie and carseat canopy I made for a friend. Love that little giraffe!