Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Weekend of Giving Thanks

When Thomas and I got married 7 years ago, we quickly came up with a plan for the holidays and our families. So the plan for Thanksgiving has been that we will always have it at our house. On the years that we do not have Christmas with Thomas' family, they usually come up to us on Thanksgiving. And because we are headed to be with them this year, it means we won't see my family.

Well they decided to come visit us this year. I was so excited! I had never had my family up for Thanksgiving! Well, some of them anyway. With my sisters Stevi and Clara living close to me, it just made sense. So my Mom flew in the the two of them along with Clara's boyfriend Drew, all descended on our home.

Loved every second of it!
Everyone had menu's at Thanksgiving right?
We have collected recipes of different items we love over the years to come up with our favorite Thanksgiving meal ever.

– Menu –
Herb Crusted Turkey, Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread Stuffing, Green Bean Bundles, Sweet Potatoes, Pomegranate Feta Salad, Fresh Cranberry Relish, Garlic Knots
Hot Cranberry Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie

Everything turned out amazing!
Over the last few years Thomas and I have perfected the Thanksgiving kitchen dance. We have the list of items that need to be prepared the night before and then a time line of when the items need to be prepared day of. Really it is a 3 part preparation for the meal. Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving morning, and then the hour before the 3 pm meal.

I love using my china and silver during the holidays! Even if it is blue.
Everyone loves having a yearly Thanksgiving picture, right? Yes I am that horrible person. 
You have to watch Elf to bring in the Christmas season, right? 
Thomas and I always go get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving so that we have longer to enjoy it. So we all went on an adventure. To McClendons, our local hardware store that has 6-8 ft trees for only $20. Sold.

Lucky Thomas and Drew sitting in the front.
All of us crammed in the back seat! Stevi, Clara, Mom,  and Me. A wee bit early for some. Sorry Mom, not the best picture of you.
We may or may not have needed a jump because I rushed us out the door. And we may or may not have needed another jump because Thomas messed with the lights while driving. The adventures of owning an old car. But we all fit with the tree!
And let the decorating festivities begin!
Ever being the Mom and correcting her kids papers.
There may also be a possibility that we have people over every year so I can get out of decorating the tree. (I do decorate the rest of the house!) 2 years running. I like this tradition!
Decoration time. Thank you Stevi!
Thank you Drew.
You look so festive in your green Thomas!
And Clara with your Christmas sweater! Love it!
And to all a good night.
After a long morning of the car breaking down and decorating, we played lots of games! Who doesn't love Farkle, Settlers of Catan, and Nertz? Well Clara hates Settlers, but not the point!

Definitely a fantastic weekend together. 

And hey! I got a post out a mere 3 weeks after an event took place! 
Perhaps a Christmas miracle?
Stretch goal for next year for sure!