Sunday, December 15, 2013

2 Weeks into No Buying

I love how many conversations have been sparked by this whole "no buying" hiatus.

Here is what I have discovered so far...
I have not yet had a moment of "why did I do this?" Which I love.
I think that it being Christmas time and being able to buy stuff for other people has softened the blow a little bit.

I have however had many interesting conversations that make me think a little deeper. I mean it wasn't black and white going in and although I thought I had it all thought out (even if we were to get pregnant during it) I clearly did not. Because people's comments have made me think a little more.

One instance was when I was talking with a friend about our trip to Europe coming up. One thing we are allowed to do is to spend money on experiences because it is not buying anything to bring into our home. As we were talking I mentioned how I always get a spoon where ever we go. I am fine with just waiting until our year is up and buy it on ebay. She asked if I was going to just get it anyways why not just get it then and there. Good point. Not sure what I am going to do.

I also have had the struggle of how to answer when people ask what I want for Christmas. I mean the whole point is to not bring anything in. So if people buy us things that is fine. We will not take away from that. But... I know, there is always a but. But.... now that we are asked what we want, we have the dilemma of whether or not we want to tell them something we want (like the black boots and boot socks I have been wanting and didn't get before we started) or to just get us a gift card, which we will just use in one year when we can spend it. But really, that is not the point either. To have a list of things we want in a year. Sigh. Still not sure about that one.

We have decided to take this time of not buying things and fixing the things around the house that have been on our list for the past 5 years that we have lived there... Wait... we have lived there 5 years? Weird. Anyways, that might be our answer to the present question. Maybe get giftcards to Lowes so we can fix up things.

These are the things that have run through my head so far. And I don't think I am far enough into it really, but I will keep you posted.