Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Costa Rica Family Vacation - Part 2 Manuel Antonio

After our crazy long drive from La Furtuna to Quepos, we arrived to a lovely Villa. A large living area with 3 bedrooms for the family to share.
Beautiful living area.
Our view.
These little capuchin monkeys were everywhere!
We headed to the beach and took pictures of everything on the way down.
This is one of 3 pools between our villa and our own properties private beach.
One of many iguanas chased by Thomas.
Need I say more?
A beautiful look out on the way down.
Without my big hat blocking the view.
A little private oasis on the Pacific Ocean.
These little trails were everywhere! 
So were these trails when we were done with exploring.
I said it before and I will say it again. He always has to find the creatures.

Keith and Maria (Thomas' parents) love to kayak. We got to the beach and they were off!
Meanwhile, Thomas and I took the waterproof camera out to play in the waves. It may be waterproof, but that doesn't mean the water droplets on the outside won't distort your pictures. This was the view of our beach from the water though.
We love kayaking too!
Relaxing outside of the sunshine.
Christian also loves kayaking. Best series ever. He did succeed in the end though.
Does anyone else think of Baywatch when they see this pictures?
Spider monkey
These spider monkeys were so tricky! They came right up on our balcony with in feet of Maria. She squealed for sure! Wish I caught it on video.
After a day of relaxing we took a catamaran out to enjoy a little ocean tour. 
We also went snorkeling for the first time together (my first time ever). Loved it even if we all did have to bring life vests with us. 
The water wasn't very clear either, but these little guys were every where! 
The next day we went on a "hike" around the Manuel Antonio the local national park. Maria kept wandering off because it was certainly not a "hike".  More of an informative stroll where the guide kept searching for flora and fauna for to tell us about.

This video is of these plants that when touched, they fold up to protects themselves. Notice Thomas going a little crazy with them.
A frog.
One of a dozen 2 and 3 toes sloths we saw on the trip.
A little humming bird that was actually still.
A toucan.
A Mica sized leaf seat.
Christian, Maria, and Thomas all watching the monkey's antics.
If you look closely, you can see the bats lining the larger tree branch.
Working for Boeing, I just had to take a picture of the airplane turned restaurant, right?
Crazy root maze.
This was our door. I had my very own entryway.
Oh brothers. Love.
Definitely an amazing family trip. Love spending time together including our nightly game of Farkle.