Friday, December 6, 2013

North Dakota 2012 and 2013 Style

This is one of the posts that I intended to write LAST YEAR and it just got away from me. We went to North Dakota to visit Thomas' Grandpa October 2012. And here I am, more then a year later and the pictures were not posted. So when we went back again this October for his Grandma's memorial, well, all ND pics are all together now.
North Dakota 2012 - Round 1
Thomas, his brother Christian, and Grandpa Henry playing in the basement.
Playing the Atari.
Apple picking time!
Or apple photographing time for me!
With the boys all hard at work.
Time for a snack.
Love this man!
Oh the treasures. Littlest gun ever!
We found Grandpa's old uniform!
We also visited the Fargo Air Museum.
They had a memorial to all the guys who lost their lives in Iraq. Thomas found his buddies name.

We headed out to some corn fields to go shooting.

And shooting we did.

In some random field. In Minnesota.
The beauty was stunning.

Myself, Thomas, Grandpa Henry, and Christian
Of course there was tinkering on the MG.

North Dakota 2013 - Round 2
The second time I ventured into the state of North Dakota, was just 2 months ago for Thomas' Grandma Ardis' memorial. It was very similar weather considering it was a year and week later. Still just as frigid. Both times with a chance of snow. Burr!!!

Cemetery where the Kucera and Larson (Thomas' Grandma's side) family plots are located.
Kucera headstone.
Larson headstone with the family milling about.

We headed over to Thomas' Great Aunt and Uncle's house after the service. This house was built by his Great Grandparents.
360 view of their yard picture 1
360 view of their yard picture2

And this is the Kucera Family Farm.
Whew!!! That was a ton of pictures. Hope you all made it through. That was the Kucera and Larson family North Dakota tour in October 2012 and 2013. 

Maybe just maybe I will make it through all my updates before the end of the year.
Stretch goal? Yes!