Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Our Annual Christmas Card...

The Kucera Family 2013 Year in Review
·          Jan – Road tripped to Crater Lake and the Redwoods with the Dempsters.
·          Feb – Started infertility testing. Did Maker’s Diet. Outcome = No allergies!
·          Mar – Got a new dining room table, planted a garden, M had a Craft Fair.
·          Apr – Vacation in Costa Rica with T’s parents & brother. 6 years married!
·          May –Stevi graduation in San Diego, Clara graduated too!! (M’s Sister’s)
·          Jun – T & M ran M’s first & only 5k, coordinated Randi & Dale’s wedding.
·          Jul – Cleared month to work on the house/yard. Discovered a rat. Eek!
·          Aug – Stevi moved to WA, Clara moved to Portland. Katie Lew Wedding!
·          Sep – Christian & Lisa visited WA. T boys weekend in CO. M visited Mom.
·          Oct – T’s Grandma’s Memorial in ND. First Sounders soccer game.
·          Nov – M’s Mom, Stevi, and Clara visited for Thanksgiving.
·          Dec – Christmas in Germany with T’s entire family.
Merry Christmas Everyone! 
So thankful for all of you in our lives!