Saturday, May 25, 2013

First Ever New Years Resolution Is Finished!!!

I cannot believe I finished my new years resolution in April. Clearly I should have set higher goals! But here is the rest of my pinterested items more than a month later.

I needed a kitchen aid cover so that food and grease don't get on the kitchen aid when not in use. I copied these directions, but just used 1 piece of fabric for the top, not a bunch of strips.
Resolution 38 of 52. Check.

During the final weeks of our diet, we went over to some friends house and were having soup. So I made some cornbread to go with, but wanted to experiment with making corn less cornbread. The first recipe of paleo cornbread was amazing. The second recipe was OK, but I probably would always make the first.
Resolution 39 of 52. Check.

For Easter I was in charge of making the center pieces. So I decided to make burlap roses to tie around newspaper over a pot of pansy's. 
Resolution 40 of 52. Check.

I also had to make a dessert bready item for Easter so I made this almond poppy seed bread which was fantastic!
Resolution 41 of 52. Check.

After the church brunch, we had a few people over for Easter dinner and although we started with our nice new table all set and ready to go, it was such a beautiful day that we decided to eat outside. So away went our china, and out came the plastic. And of course I had seen these little bunny folded napkins and had to have them a part.
Resolution 42 of 52. Check.

After we finished our diet, I was trying to still eat healthy, but of course I didn't have any milk or eggs in the house. That means that either scrambled eggs or cereal is out of the picture! So I made eggless, milkless pancakes! They were decent I have to say.
Resolution 43 of 52. Check.

We had an all cereal night for our community group and I made 2 homemade cereals. The first was an awesome granola and the second was a cinnamon toast crunch version. The cinnamon toast crunch was a little too well done. I think I will stick with the granola.
Resolution 44 of 52. Check.

A friend of mine is having a baby and so she asked me to make this baby sling for her. After breaking 2 needles on my sewing machine, I completed it! I should have borrowed a baby to complete this picture.
Resolution 45 of 52. Check.

I have been trying to find a quinoa salad that I like. This one was not it. Still looking. They just never have enough flavor for me.
Resolution 46 of 52. Check.

We always do a card and a birthday dessert of some sort for people's birthdays at work. This one contained 2 pinterest ideas! First there was the from scratch chocolate cake mix that you can make ahead of time. But I didn't love the flavor, so I will keep looking for a better recipe. The second was the strawberry center and pudding topper cupcakes. Pretty good sugar high.
Resolution 47 of 52. Check.

And finally.... This weekend pushed me over the top. I spent the weekend with a high school bestie and made quite a few projects! We made the bean bags for the corn-hole game that will be played at their wedding. We made bow ties and suspenders for the little ring bears. I made her wedding hair clip, and then I found fabric super cheap, so I also made her a infinity scarf.
Resolution 48 of 52. Check.

If you love the bow ties, look at my friend Amy's etsy shop. She is my craft fair buddy and her fabrics are adorable!
 Resolution 49 of 52. Check.

As for the suspenders, I am thinking I will incorporate them into what I make for etsy and craft fairs.
Resolution 50 of 52. Check.

And the infinity scarfs are also made by my friend Kristen who is our newest craft fair buddy and they can be found on her etsy shop!
Resolution 51 of 52. Check.

And finally the wedding hair clip I made is super similar to earrings, necklaces, and clips that can be found on Amy's etsy shop. These ladies are so impressive!
Resolution 52 of 52. Check.

And I am done! My blog of First ever New Years Resolution of 52 items from pinterest in 52 weeks.... well actually it only took me 16 weeks. I love it. :) And no I cannot slack off! I still have 9000 pins of things to make!

Here are all the links to the items I have made off of pinterest and more I have completed since I finished this at the beginning of April! Yes it has taken me a while to get it together between computer issues and busy life! 

Next up... Our first ever Kucera family vacation in Costa Rica. Maybe... Eventually :)