Monday, December 31, 2012

First Ever New Years Resolution

For the first time I want to make a New Years resolution. Normally I just don't care. Partially because I know myself and nothing I can think of will possibly be so important that I will focus on it for a whole year. But that is just me. But like everything in life... You have to try it once right? I mean I did lent once. That was good. So now it is time for a New Years resolution...

Make 52 things from pinterest.
And no my goal is not to make something once a week. Or even 4 in a month.
I am giving myself an out.

I know life will get crazy and I don't want to make this stressful. I might even do 10 items in a weekend because I have the time. Really though the whole point is that I have (8916 at the moment) pins and I have not even made a dent in it.

So here is my attempt at denting my pinning addiction. And showing you how easy some things are, or how completely I failed! Because yes, I have both a Yes, I made it! and a Pinterest Fail board. So here is my attempt! See you, both through out the year and then as a final at the end of the year! And I am off!