Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We Said "I Do" Not Once But Twice

When I said, "I will marry you!" to Thomas in August of 2006 I had no idea the adventure we were about to enjoy. I definitely did not expect to get to marry him twice.

Although I may forever be ruining one of my answers for the game 2 truths and a lie, here is the story of why we said "I do" not once but twice. 

When I was in high school during a different time of my life, God promised that the man I married and how I got married would be both different, special, and an adventure. So fast forward 4 years and here I am in the middle of a street (Lundy lane to be exact) in Los Altos, CA on a beautiful starry night saying yes to a man on benden knee. I was thrilled, excited and 3 days later we said good bye as he took off for bootcamp. Over the course of the next months as I tried to plan a wedding all by myself (although let's be realistic that was a dream come true for my planning self) we had a few unknowns.

The 2 biggest obstacles for us, were settling on a date, due to the unknown of when Thomas would graduate his medic training and where we would live after we said "I do". When we found out that Thomaswould graduate on April 13th, we quickly set a date for April 15th. there was no postponing this shindig if I had anything to say about it. 

i cannot tell you where the idea came from, but when we started talking about where the army would send us after the wedding we realized that the army wouldn't be sending "us" any where. According to their eyes, there was only Thomas. So we decided to get married in the courthouse so that I would be on Thomas's orders and move as it turns out, to the great state of WA.

So on Dec 20th 2006 Thomas got off the plane at 11 am and by 2 pm, we were at our appointment in the courthouse. my sister Alyssa flew up to San Jose, and Thomas's brother Christian took a few hours off of work, and they stood by us and witnesses our first round of "I do's". 

So now we have the joy of celebrating not 1 but 2 anniversaries every year. So today is the first of our 2 sixth anniversaries. 

Here's to twice as many anniversaries over the next 51 years Thomas Allen!