Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Almond Milk and Meal

Since I had today off, I figured I would start off my resolution full force. So I made some granola bars. Only they don't stick together. Fail. This is my 3rd round of home made granola bars and I keep failing. Anyone have a fail proof recipe? I desperately need one.

So I continued on. Almond milk it is! I adapted this recipe.

1 cup of raw almonds
8 cups of water

So I soaked the almonds in 4 cups of water for 6 hours and then drained them. I put the almonds in my food processed with 4 cups of water. Bad idea.

So I switched to my blender. I blended it for about a minute.

Then I poured it it all into the almond milk bag in a pitcher. (I got it on amazon for $8)

I squeezed it out and poured the milk into a re-sealable jar.

I have been told it lasts 4-6 days. We shall see. I also have been told that cheese cloth works in place of an almond bag, but not as well.

And with the left over almond bits I made almond meal. I emptied out the bag onto a cookie sheet and then baked it for 2 hours at 150 degrees to dry it out.

Not sure if I will use it as almond meal or if I will make it into almond flour with our handy dandy grain grinder we received for Christmas. Decisions, decisions.

So resolution 1 and 2 of 52 check.