Monday, January 7, 2013

De-seeding a Pomegranate

As is my life, I always start out strong on any goal I set, because I am excitable. It's true. So I started out strong this weekend. After the almond milk and granola bar success and failure last week, I was on a roll! So I tackled a few more items this weekend.

So I started out simply by de-seeding a pomegranate. So i followed this link....

It always makes me laugh though, because when I try things they never come out as 
simple and beautiful as they do in the instructions. 

They instruct you to cut the pomegranate in half....check.

Next is to whack the back of one of the halves with the back of your spoon.... fail. 
I whacked, and whacked, and nothing happened.

But maybe it was because the poor pomegranate took a road trip.
 From WA to CA to OR to CA to OR and then back to WA again.
Dang. Poor little guy.
This must have been its way to get back at me.

So I took a spoon and gutted it like an avocado. 
But I did follow the instructions and let all the seeds fall into water.
Only my water turned red unlike the beautiful picture blendtec posts.
And the floaties didn't float so I had to pull the seeds off. But they came off easily.

But it worked. So here are my seeds. No worse for the wear from their big road trip.

Resolution 3 of 52; check.