Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Costumes

A few months late, but I am finally catching up on some old blogs I had started.
A friend of mine showed me a picture of the costumes she wanted to buy for her twins for Halloween. 
It was definitely appropriate that they would be Thing 1 and Thing 2.
 Being as I do not knit, I texted my friend who does and asked her to make a few hats.
She was awesome and was able to whip them right up. You can see all the other cute things she has at her etsy shop Skeinsoflove.
So the next step was the awesome red suits. My friend invested in adorable onsies that would fit her little ones. And I went about making the patches for the front. 
I attempted to download the fonts and make up a power point. After a few hours invested in that, I found this download from another blog (follow down to the bottom for the printables). Dang not being that smart in the first place. 
 Just a few mess ups later and I had a perfect Thing 1 and Thing 2 patch with velcro on the back.
I sewed velcro with big stitches on the front of the onsies (so my friend could un-stitch them and use them later) and the costume was complete!
Matchy, matchy, twinsie pants.
My first homemade Halloween costumes.