Thursday, January 3, 2013

Morning Stretching

In honor of the New Year, I feel the need to share about a work out that I love. Thomas and I have been getting up daily to do the third routine in this DVD.


The 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD, has been use and abused. For the past year and a half we have been stretching every morning (yes at 4:15 am) to the Pilates for Flexibility routine lead by Lara Hudson.

I love it. Now there have been weeks that we get out of routine, but we always go back. The simple reason, we both feel a million times better when we stretch for 10 minutes every morning. It is so stinking easy! I can now, almost do it in my sleep and at 4 am, there are often times my eyes don't really open till about 5 minutes into the routine.

I can swear by it because over Thanksgiving my mother-in-law did the routine with me
and immediately bought it. 

For those of you who want something easy, something that will not make you break a sweat, something that only takes 10 minutes, but will keep you more flexible and doing something active? Get this! It also has 4 other 10 minute routines on it. Really any 10 minute Solution DVD or anything by Lara Hudson is great. I have others, but this is the one I come back to almost every morning. 

And while I am at it, if anyone ever wanted to come over a few times a week to do yoga or pilates with me ( I have tons of videos) I would love it!