Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kitchen Aid Makeover

When Thomas and I inheriting a kitchen aid came a choice. To leave it pink or not.
Although we love supporting breast cancer, we also have a green and yellow kitchen. 
It has black and stainless steal appliances so it was a hard choice. 

OK, not really. 

So after researching it and coming across this youcraftmeup's blog, Thomas and I went to Lowe's.
We bought some appliance paint and had a little adventure.

We completely disassembles our brand new Kitchenaid.
That is a little scary. 
Then I scrubbed it down.
With the few parts I could not get off, I taped them up.
Then we spray painted it all.

And now I have a black kitchen aid. Sans the fun decals that that girl from youcraftmeup has.
And it matches my kitchen and that makes all happy in the world of Mica.

And Thomas and I received both the grain and the meat grinder attachments for Christmas.
We have used them both and LOVE them!
All we have left to get is the pasta maker attachment and we will be cooking fools!