Monday, May 20, 2013

Running!!! Couch to 5k 5 Week Schedule

Tons of  people that I work with are runners. I personally do not get it, but I guess I have never had the thrill of running across that finish line. With the exception of high school track stuff, which was nothing longer then a 400 or 1 lap around the track, I just do not do distance.

And yet somehow run a 5k (3.1 miles) with Thomas has ended up on my bucket list. You can read all my other items here.

So my thought since the crazy people at my work started talking about it back in January was if I was not pregnant come the beginning of May, I would train and run and check it off my list. So here I am. Begrudgingly running 2 days a week.

I know, I know... my schedule says 3 days a week, but that has not happened. I do not feel bad however because my first day I ran1.5 miles instead of 1. And then last week I ran 2 miles instead of 1.5. So all in all I feel like I am ahead of the game.

So Thomas and I will be happily running around Pearl Street at about 8:45 on Sat June 8th if you care to join us or just cheer us on! The race we are running is called the Sound to Narrows which is put on my Multicare. So we are supporting a good cause as well!

So I will be out and about Tacoma most Tuesdays and Thursdays until then trying to get up to those 3 miles. Tomorrow my goal is 2.5. Kicking it up a notch!

And it isn't that bad if your hubby is running next to you trying to come up with conversations to keep you distracted. He is the best! He runs 4 miles a few times a week, but he has patiently been running my pace and it actually hurts him! And yet he powers through it. All for my bucket list. Love that man.

And honestly, it is only the first half a mile that sucks. All the rest is just getting back into the groove.  (I say as I have only run 2 miles at the most now.) We will see when I hit that 3 miles how I am feeling about life.