Friday, May 31, 2013

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I just read the most beautiful blog post about a woman’s struggle with her body after having twins.

It is here if you want to read it also. So beautifully written.

Whenever I read beautifully expressed story my thoughts fester until I get them out. So here you are.

The reality is we all relate because we are all getting older.  I honestly have loved getting older, within reason of course. I don’t mind the wrinkles around my eyes or the soreness that comes from getting out of bed in the morning (thanks to many years of athletics). And yes, the little hairs where you don’t want them and the spots on my skin are slightly annoying. But really? I can handle it.

I am not 16 or even 20 anymore. I have to eat differently, but I also know that is because I am not playing basketball for 2 hours every day. If I were, I may not be as conscious, but I am not. And my body has changed because of it or maybe just because I am older.

I saw a woman who had beautiful arms days ago and asked Thomas if my arms looked like hers. His honest reply, “They used to.” That didn’t hurt my feelings because I realized I am not investing time in my life to lift and work out like I used to. So I am softer looking. And I am Ok with that. If I want to look like her, I have to invest the time. Maybe I will at some point.

Every time I go to So Cal, I am about 50 shades lighter than anyone in my family. I am a ghost from WA, but hey I will have way less chances of getting skin cancer in my life time (sorry family!!!) And I might also be vitamin D deficient, but hey we can’t have it all now can we? I live where it is beautiful, so I give up the little things. And I soak up as much sun as I can every time it comes out.

I like what my body has become over time. Granted I have not been pregnant yet. I have not had the privilege of carrying my little one and all the body changes that accompany them. Yes, it terrifies me a little bit. Similar to Mary’s story in the blog, being an athlete will make a not so perfect stomach a little hard to accept. I know that I will travel that road soon. And when I do, I will come to grips with it.

At work just the other day we had a similar conversation about aging. A gal who is in her 40’s responded to my comment about liking aging with, “To a point!” So far I have to agree. I have liked to age up until now. But I imagine when I am in my 40’s and can’t see quite so well, and I have grey in my hair, and I have way more wrinkles than I want, and I have all the marks of carrying a child, that will be my point. And what will I do? 

Well I just don’t know yet. But if it is anything like what I do now, I will love that the life I have lived has been full. I will walk more to keep my heart healthy and lift my children to keep my muscles strong. Because that is what is important. 

And like Mary, I will adapt as each year goes by. And love every moment I live because I am still strong, healthy, and wonderfully made.