Thursday, June 13, 2013

5k Is Finished!

And we did it!
Another check off of the Bucket List.
After weeks and weeks of "training" we did a little 5k running action. 
My training consisted of running a total of 6 times over 5 weeks, a 5 mile hike, 4 over 3 mile walks, a 2 mile bike ride, and tons of little 1 mile walks. The training schedule that Emily made for me did not happen. The moral is I didn't really train. But I had committed, so I ran.

This is our motley crew.
Emily, Nick, Me, Erin, Larry, Thomas, and DJ

 The starting line was right behind all of us. The first half of the race is down hill, which naturally means that the second half of the race is all up hill.

And 3.1 miles later....

 The finish line.

Everyone was an awesome help.
At work I would have conversations with Emily and DJ about when we would work out. 
Thomas and Erin ran with me and pushed me by talking and keeping me distracted the whole time I ran although it literately hurt Thomas to run as slow as I do.

After crossing the finish line, the first thing I said was...
"Yeah, I am never doing this again."

Although I enjoyed the experience, maybe if I had different events through out the run I would be more encouraged. However just plain running is not my thing.

I was never inspired by the "race" and all the "hype" of the day. 
After mile 2, it never got fun.
I am not "hooked" and have not already signed up for my next 5k. 

Although a few positive things did happen. I am excited to be back in shape some what. At least to be working out multiple days a week. 
I know that I love walking and can walk 3-4 miles without a moment of hesitation. In fact I do that twice a week. I don't need to run to prove anything.
I am thankful that although Thomas loves running, he could care less about races. Less money we spend on that.

Post race with Courtney who ran the 5k before us.
And now I need to figure out what I am going to check off of my bucket list next.