Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seven Years

Sometimes it just hits me. Six and a half years. Just months away from the seven year mark. I don’t know why, but for some reason knowing Thomas and I have been married for almost seven years seems like a really long time to me. There are times in my life when it certain things suddenly hit me. And this is one of those. I have been married almost 7 years. 

And that is weird. 
Not a bad weird. Just weird. And long. Again, not a bad long. Just long. I have loved every second of it. There have been hard times and amazing times. 

And it all comes back to almost seven years. A lot of life in seven years. Just the other day Thomas said he liked our random dates. We had just gone to Boathouse 19. And I have to admit. I love them too. And he also said he loves to just hang out with me. Ditto. We truly have a blast together.
There are still moments when I just want wrap my arms around him and just curl up next to him. Just be next to him. Even when I am sitting 3 feet from him. It just isn’t close enough at times. So I scoot on over.

I look back on the past nine years of knowing Thomas. A year of friendship. A year of dating and engagement. Four years of the military. A year of unemployment. Two years of trying to grow our family. Wow. That is my adult life summed up.  

And yet it is so much more. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Because sprinkled in those major life events are the games of cribbage, farkle, and settlers. The movies we cuddled up next to each other and watched. The places we have camped. The meals we have eaten together. The friendships we have cultivated. All the countries we have explored. The letters we have written. The dreams we have dreamed. We are so blessed. So dearly blessed. 

Seven years. The more I think about it, the more I am excited for the next seven. What on earth could I imagine them to hold? More games, more friends, more dreams, more exploring, more life lived. 

Together. Happy.
The day after Thomas proposed. Seven years ago.