Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thomas' Green Thumb

Remember back in March when Thomas decided he wanted to be an urban farmer?
Well, his work has paid off. We had the greenest lawn in the whole neighborhood.
I decided to plant some Fuchsia from little starts. And my goal is to winter them. We will see if they come back next year!

This is the evidence that Thomas is outside working.

We started our garden from seed and at least half of it is growing!

Strawberries in the hanging baskets.

My very own kiwi vine!

And that my friends is a kiwi!

These buddies came back from last Easter.

And this is our apple tree.

You have to have words of encouragement right?

Rhubarb, that I think I have now killed. I need to figure out something better for this stuff. I LOVE rhubarb!

My 1 asparagus fern in all my herbs.

The sunflower just didn't quite want to give up his seed.

Need a little help here. Grow budies! Grow!

My oregano has survived for 2 years now! And this poinsettia is left over from Christmas! What!?!?!

I only have 3 aloe plants now, but they are going strong!
And this is what it looks like 2 months later in July.

Green onions, spinach, carrots, lettuce, parsley, and way at the end, brussel sprouts.

Sunflowers, green beans, sweet peas, radishes, onions, turnips, and our little bit of color, marigolds.

Cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, rosemary, cilantro, and a whole barrel full of herbs with an asparagus fern.

I just love these bulbs! I only had them on half of the bricks last year, so I added them in the spring. And they attract bees for the veggies!

Grape time!

My favorite little hiding place in my backyard. And yes, we inherited a palm tree.
It is a good thing Thomas is around, because let me tell you how often I remember to water. This garden would not survive with out that man and his green thumb.

And by the way, can someone please get it in my head that I need to thin out my garden? I have a really hard time with that concept. I seriously need it hammered in my head.