Friday, July 18, 2014

Laura and Ed's Oregon Reception

Thomas and I were able to drive down to Oregon for a sweet friend's reception. She was my RA my first year (Jr year) at Point Loma. She was also the very first person Thomas met and became friends with when he first went to Point Loma 3 years earlier then my arrival. She is the one who informed me that Thomas was not going to get hints, I just had to tell him things straight. And she told Thomas and I was clearly dropping hints. She is just one of those people that makes our story special.

So we had to be there to celebrate her special story too.
3 hours down, 3 hours to celebrate, 4 hours back.

She had Polaroids there for each of us to capture a picture of us and place it in a scrapbook next to a little note to them. I loved this picture so much her Aunt let me take another one so I could keep this one. Thank you Laura's Aunt!
Definitely my new favorite picture of us.
She is truly amazing. She did the flower arrangements all her self including these ones.

Taking a picture of the two of us and there she is behind us.

Details. Just love them.

They were married 2 days earlier at the coast with a few close family and friends. A sweet friend Mod made a beautiful video of the day for all of us who were not there. And this is Laura and Ed watching it for the first time.

All the Point Loma Peeps: Thomas, Me, Laura, Audra, Stephanie, and Mod (Chris).

This sweet lady. Just love her. And her beautiful dress that her mom made. Just an amazingly crafty family.

The camp where she works and the reception was held.
Thank you for letting us join in the festivities sweet friend! We are so thankful for you in our lives. Looking forward to more time now with you AND Ed. :)