Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Skyline Trail - Mt Rainier Sept 2013

Since I am am on a roll and never did share this hike with you, here is a hike from Mt Rainier last labor day. If you are in WA, I know this labor day will be equally as beautiful!

So here are some pictures of this beauty we get to see every day. 
Every day it isn't cloudy I should say.
Mount Rainier

This is the trail we took.

This was the first time we met Lisa actually. And now she is our sister-in-law. I love it!

Hi little buddy! It was our only wild life viewing.

Loved having Lisa along to take pictures of Thomas and I. This is actually one of my favorite pictures as of late.

It was quite the ordeal to get us all looking good in this picture. Thomas' hair would not cooperate.

Of course he had to go to the edge.

These guys were practicing stuff. Snow stuff to be exact.

We decided to cross the snow as a shortcut and went across that ridge and down that trail. Adventure to say the least.

There will always be a little animal/bug Thomas finds. And he shall be called Samuel. According to Thomas.

The day was absolutely incredible. If you could go this year, do it! We are clearly having a beautiful summer!