Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spontaneous Creativity

As much as I love my craft business, I have found that I don’t get to really use my creativity or my pinterest addiction as much as I would like to. So with 3 wedding gifts and 2 mother’s day gifts to be made I was able to find some serious creativity!!!
My cameo silhouette is amazing. Seriously amazing.
I kinda wanted to keep this one. :) With a different date of course.
To the new Edington Couple.
To the new Spoelstra Couple.
The mother's day towels. My new favorite… Fabric paint. Life changing.
I have been having fun with wrapping too! Even the tag was from my Silhouette.
And our latest wedding down in Oregon from my last post.
And that is it my friends. Not much more to say. Creativity thanks to pinterest.