Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Truth for This Week

The Person of Jesus is the world’s only real organizing principle. Ann Voskamp

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from You. Psalm 62:5

When my life is organized around Jesus, who is Beautiful, my messy life is organized beautifully. Ann Voskamp

Trust your tongue only when your heart is tender. Ann Voskamp

Do Hard Things — most often means doing small, obscure, everyday things.  Just Do Whatever He Tells You. Ann Voskamp

Righteous: One who trusts God with their life and their future. - The Actual Pastor

No parent, no matter how dedicated, expert, present and loving can produce a perfectly healthy and happy adult. Such a feat is simply not within our power.
At the same time, every parent is divinely used to affect the journey of every child – toward this and away from that, even if with opposite from intended results.And I didn’t know then what I do know now: that every child of every parent is God’s instrument in the life of his or her parent.
My children have been His chief tool for the shaping of me, shaving off the certainty, molding a softer version, raising up a gumption necessary to face another day. - Elisa Morgan

The newest thing hanging in my work cube.
Source - Remodeling This Life
I’m not living like just Jesus is enough for me. - Ann Voskamp

The best lesson in belonging is learned in leaving and returning. - Enjoying The Small Things