Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 Month of Thankfuls - Day 1 - Thomas

Thomas and I have a tradition that we started last year where every day up until Thanksgiving, we write down what we are thankful for. So I thought that in the spirit of the season, for the next 22 days, I would post those things daily. So here goes...

Nov 1: I am the most thankful for Thomas. I cannot put into words what he means to me. Although I often try :). He has so many amazing qualities that make me smile because they are qualities that I did not even know I wanted in a husband and yet God knew. I love that he is my best friend and that we love to do things together. I love that we still have moments where we learn things about each other even 6 years later. I love that he has such a soft heart and yet he is my protector. I love his heart for Jesus and his desire to live the life He has laid out for us. I love his creativity in his model tanks and his love to take care of the house and yard. Most of all, I love how much he adores me. He makes me feel beautiful and loved on a daily basis. So thankful for you Thomas Allen!

Our first Thanksgiving feast