Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 - Parents

Nov 2 - I am so thankful for both Thomas and my, moms and dads. There are so many different reasons.

My Dad - I am so thankful for my dad and who he has been in my life. I love that he has so many qualities that I wanted to look for in a husband (and I found!). I love that I can call him up and chat with him for long periods of time. I love all the different adventures we have had over the years.

My Mom - I love that my mom consistently tells me she is praying for Thomas and I on a daily basis. I love that when you tell her something is beautiful, she is willing to give it to you so you can enjoy it. I love that she treasures her children. I love that she has a knack for picking out perfect presents for me.

My father-in-law Keith - I am so thankful that I was able to live with Keith and Maria for 6 months and truly get to know them as individuals and not just Thomas' parents. I love how as a dad, Keith encourages Thomas. I love how he is truly interested in our lives and asks questions.

My mother-in-law Maria - I love how Maria is not just my mother-in-law, but she is truly a friend. I love spending time with her especially sitting in the sun just reading and talking with her. I love how we can trade books. I love how she listens and prays, and I love her servants heart.

I love that these 4 people have helped shape Thomas and I. That they love us, that they consistently pray for us, and that encourage us.