Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8 - Good Food and Cooking

Day 8 - Good food and Cooking – These are both things I love. I often feel like doing what my nephew Kai is doing below when I find good food. Nothing stops me from devouring it! FOOD!!!

 I love the ability to cook, eat, and share life with people through food. Although I was a little leery of learning to cook before Thomas and I were married, I learned quickly that following a recipe is not that hard. I also learned quickly that the best way to gather recipes you love was to try a dish some place (like a pot luck or a friends house) and then ask for the recipe. I have gathered quite a delicious collection!

My favorite part about food however is how often Thomas and I are able to have friends over for dinner. I love using food to invite the laughter and joy of amazing people into our home.

Again, food it one of my all time favorite things. A great meal with great people it the best place to be on earth.