Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3 - Brothers and Sisters

Day 3 - What is there not to love about having a million brothers and sisters? I grew up with 1 brother and 4 sisters, but through marriage now have 2 other brothers. 3 boys to 4 girls is not bad. Here is why I love each and every one of them (with some made up words, but hey it described them the best)... youngest to oldest...
  • Clara (youngest sister) – I love her sweetness. She seems to have a quiet smile, until you get her talking. I love her beautiful blond complexion. I love her loyalty. I love her dreams.
  • Stevi (next sister) – I love her beautiful curly hair. Her spunky attitude and love for life. I love her adventuresomeness and her ability to make a million friends. I love her zeal for life.
  • David (brother) - I love how amazingly mechanical he is when rebuilding motorcycles. I love the huge teddy bear my little (younger), big (3 inches taller then me) brother is. I love his heart.
  • Lindy (sister under me) – I love the amazing collages she creates. I love her hard workingness. I love the strength she finds in pursuing life no matter the obstacles come. I love her sense of style and her smile.
  • Alyssa (older sister) - I love the amazing mother she is. I love her kind heart and advice given to all those who need it. I love that she never gives up on her dreams. I love the supportive wife she is.
  • Christian (Thomas' brother) - I love his incredibly quiet strength and consistent presence. I love his generosity and kindness. I love his steadfastness and his sincere thoughts.
  • Nate (Alyssa's husband) - I love how he continues to wait for God's plan in his life consistently for as long as I have known him. I love how he as taken my siblings as his own. I love his deep love for Lys (wife) and Kai (son).
Stevi, Lindy, Christian, Me, Thomas, Alyssa, Nate, David, Clara