Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14 - Technology

Day 14 - Technology – I love being able to keep in contact with so many amazing people. Between email and facebook it is so easy! I love that if I have a question, I can google an answer immediately. So many questions in life have been answered! I love that when I am working on a shutterfly book on my laptop and it is taking too long to download, I can be on pinterest perusing all the fabulous things I want to make in life. (Stay tune, I think my new years resolution has to do with pinterest. I love photography and how much it has changed since digital cameras have come into play. Instant gratification with seeing pictures is awesome! I know that my generation is all about instant gratification, but in the case of photography, I love it. :) I truly love technology. I may not be up with all the latest and greatest, but I truly love the perks of what I have.

I love being able to capture images like these.
Lavender fields in Squim WA
Beach at Cook Islands
Sunset at Pt Loma, CA