Monday, September 10, 2012

Craft Fair Adventures

When Amy and I looked into selling our wares at a craft fair earlier this year, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

First we had Art on the Ave. This was a very music and beer oriented fair. Not so much with the crafts. So we were a one of a kind tent this time. Which was good and bad. The good was people bought our stuff because we were the only ones. The bad was there were a whole different crowd of people! And to top it off, it was not the best day for a fair considering the drizzle and wind. With our weather fun, we tried 3 different set ups, starting with the picture below. But we survived! And we both made a profit!
Our second adventure at the Proctor Arts fest last weekend, we started out with the 3rd set up from the last fair. It actually worked really well for most of the day too!
We learned that our booth works the best with a side and a half, but after walking around we might set up differently next time. All in trying the best fit, right? This was mainly my stuff.
And this was Amy's stuff.
And this is little Jackson Henry, who kept us company and brought in customers for us. This little 1 month old cutie was just a dall the whole day!
Needless to say, our fair experiences as vendors, was successful. We now know what we do and do not want, which fairs we want to attend and avoid as well as that we complement each others items well!

We are both on etsy if you want to check out what we still have in stock!
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