Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deep Thoughts on a Tuesday

The other day I was reading another gal's blog when I stumbled upon this paragraph, "Sure, I walked into marriage knowing that it was not going to be easy and that there would be many hard times…I just did not expect that me, myself, I, and the sin that I carry would be a source of so many hardships. I have quickly realized that when I said “I do” to spend the rest of my life with someone, I willingly accepted to be placed underneath a “microscope” for the rest of my life." Shirlee Fischer

Of course the rest of her post is fully thought provoking, but this got me going. I look back and I know that I thought the same thing, but I was not as quick to pin point it as she did after 2 months of marriage. I had heard that marriage like children, was not something that you can really prepare yourself for. There is no book you can read, no class you can take, that will prepare you for the day after day of putting aside your selfishness.

But I do have to say that I love being married. Mainly because of who I am married to. Just this last Saturday in the middle of cleaning our whole house, Thomas and I took a lunch break on our front porch steps. Normally we would be on our back deck, but we did it a little differently and it will forever stick in my mind now. But as we were sitting there, it struck me as an incredible moment.

So I asked him if he had thought marriage would be like this? I mean we had literately just spend 5 hours cleaning in a little rhythm. Talking at some points, but all in all just doing our work and enjoying each others company. I mean really? Was this really what marriage was? Living every day life and enjoying it with your best friend?

Yes. Yes it is. And I love every second of it. Because even in those moments where I am frustrated and I snap at Thomas, I come back to a few more words that Shirlee wrote, "The process of changing is almost as painful as being under the microscope, because it starts with owning my sin." Marriage allows me to fully be myself and be loved no matter what, but at the same time God is refining me and making me into the person He created me to be.

Thank goodness I married an incredibly patient and loving man and I serve a gracious God.