Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy Little Bees

Here is a post that I started months ago and never really finished.
My dad came up and we went up to Lynden WA for his Aunt Sis' funeral. This was a beautiful picture of Mt Baker during that time.

Mean while Thomas is still going strong on wearing a tie Monday through Thursday. Naturally Friday is jean day and really, you cannot pass up that opportunity to wear jeans to work.

And finally I ventured out and made a pair of baby shoes. :) So stinking cute, minus the adventure of making 1 shoe with 4 pieces of cloth, instead of 2 shoes with 2 pieces of cloth each. I will claim it as a crafting adventure rather then a blonde moment.

I also made wonderful breakfast sticky buns. I saw this blog another time and needless to say, Thomas and I have had these great sticky buns numerous times.

That is it for this random post that I never finished months ago. (I think March to be exact)