Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Ballerina

It is funny how many hopes and dreams you have both as a kid in life in general. Some are little like hoping for the perfect bike for Christmas and some are larger like the dream of becoming a fire fighter. One dream which I now label as a bucket list item is to take ballet lessons.

Now I am not sure where this dream started. It could have been because I took 1 set of lessons when I was 5, or it could have been because my mom always told me I should have been a ballerina. Not really sure. However over time, this dream has become my own. Now let’s be honest. I have no desire to become the next professional ballerina or to be the lead in the Nutcracker. On my bucket list it simply says:
5.       Take ballet classes.
Simple enough. Just take some classes. So when I came upon a local amazon deal that allowed me to take 10 weeks of classes for a price I would actually pay, I jumped on it. After talking with Thomas about it, then informing him I had purchased the deal, his first questions was, “Can I come to your recital?” His second question was, “Is it just you with a bunch of 5 year olds?”

So last night I embarked on my adventure and was able to cross off yet another bucket list item. I took my first ballet lesson in 23 years.

It started with a trip to The Dance Connection where they met all my dancing needs. Giant ballet shoes. I called ahead of time, but when I entered and explained my impossibly large feet, the gal brought out her 3 largest slippers. The first one was WAY too small, the second one was a little too small, and the third one fit just right.

So off I went to become a graceful ballerina. With all my 5 year olds. Ok not really. Along with the instructor there were 2 other women who were older than me.

My take away from ballet? I love it. Well I loved my first lesson any way. I will see where the next 9 weeks takes me, but learning to move more gracefully was a great way to spend an hour of my time. Now I need to google the steps so I can practice before my next lesson. After all, I have a giant pair of ballet slippers that I need to use!

Me as a Little Ballerina